Solitude has special significance in your spiritual heritage. The word solitude simply means being alone. It is lonely to spend some time in your life, being separated from physical misery and worldliness. While living in this world, there are times in human life when he suffers from physical ailments or mental stress. The solution to this mental depression and disturbance is Isolation.

Solitude awakens the talent and creation power of man. Many litterateurs and scientists gave great compositions and principles to the world by remaining in solitude. Solitude is also very beneficial in terms of spiritual practice. It is possible to assess and observe oneself in solitude. The five senses that push man into the swamp of materiality, the solitude ceases the craving of these senses, leading man’s introverted instinct to the path of cultivation.While living in the crowd of the world, man cannot reduce his mental anguish and stress. This attraction of the physical subjects of the world is very strong. This attraction of subjects is the biggest obstacle in the concentration of mental powers of man.

It is in solitude that one meets oneself. Solitude provides concentration by imparting new energy to man’s scattered inner powers. The solitude in the mind evokes waves of vindictive thoughts. The path of contemplation, talent and new creation opens only through seclusion. Our sages also had the same message that first of all keep yourself in solitude. Become physically and mentally competent by self-inspection.Only a mentally and spiritually capable person can successfully cross the ocean like this world.

Solitude has become a resource. Like all resources, it can be harvested and hoarded, taken up by powerful forces without permission or inquiry, and then transformed into private wealth. we won’t bother to protect our solitude until we realise, it has a value.

By Michael Harris

In a world full of social media and smartphone, true solitude has become very hard to find. In this important book, award winning writer Michael Harris reveals why our hyper-connected society makes time alone more crucial than ever. In this book, he tells the story of the remarkable people – from scientist to great nineteenth-century novelists. who managed to find solitude in the most unexpected of place. He explores how solitude can bring clarity and creativity to each of our inner lives. You can go through this book and can buy this wonderful book from here.

LifeTip : Life begins outside your comfort zone.

9 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. La soledad es un tiempo en que nos encontramos con el Creador que es Dios nuestro Señor en que se acalla todo el ruido del mundo para dar paso a una conversación con Nuestro Padre en donde nada mas importa.


  2. There is a misunderstanding that solitude is being lonely and yet they are two different experiences.
    Loneliness is an outward experience, depending of others for your emotional well being. Solitude is inward where the opportunity is presented to understand more of and make friends with yourself.


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