Importance of Vitamin C during Covid-19

Vitamin C is proven to be a panacea in beating the corona. It is rapidly increasing the immunity of patients. It’s regular dose is increasing the immunity of patients and making antibodies in the body soon. Due to this, patients are getting healthy and reaching their homes.

Let’s live peacefully for some days, stay away from the non-residents and near the loved ones

Doctors claim that more than 120 corona patients from the Ram Sagar Mishra Hospital at BKT are free of infection, the corona virus is being battered by vitamin C doses. All the patients discharged here so far, vitamin C has given unexpected results in healthy all of them. To give this dose to patients, at least one fruit containing vitamin C is being given daily. Special attention is given to food and drink in the hospital.Those who do not want to eat medicines can eat any fruit from vitamin C rich oranges, lemons, amla, apples, bananas, etc. This will rapidly boost the immunity of corona patients. Antibodies also start forming in the body quickly after increasing immunity.

Role of vitamin C in our body

Along with being an excellent immunity booster, it is essential for physical growth. It gives rise to cells and tissues. It heals wounds quickly. Digests hemoglobin and red blood cells. Along with removing weakness and restlessness, gives strength to fight diseases. Helps in the strengthening and development of teeth, gums and bones. Cold – Works in flu like colds.

As you can keep in mind such things and make habit of eating the things which contains vitamin c in your daily routine. This will really help you. Safety is our first priority.

As news are coming that recovery rate is increasing, I am happy. But the virus is still there. So be safe and take care of yourself and your family. Hope you will like this. Thank You !

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23 thoughts on “Importance of Vitamin C during Covid-19

  1. That Vit. C though.. I learn that barely a week before the government of my country announced that the pandemic had arrived my country,most of the pharmacy’s and even chemists had tucked the drug away because of its importance and health benefits when you contact the virus. They were all saying there was no Vit. C in store whereas,they were reselling them in exorbitant prices. Thanks for the useful information

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