Positive Thinking

Positive thinking evokes, more energy, more initiative, more happiness

If we focus on something, then other things start getting blurred. Like hands put in front of your eyes. Your focus will be on the fingers of the hand. Try it out. You will understand that we are able to focus on one thing at a time, if there are many things, then the mind gets entangled and tense.

It is a scientifically known fact that 50 percent of our thoughts are not connected to things related to the moment. These thoughts do not react to your current experience. You react to what you focus on just by considering it. Thoughts give the shape of truth to our reactions. Often the truth is not connected to real life. It is simply the truth that we prepare in our mind.

This is a small anecdote. My school friend lives in Canada. Once, India came to see me after 20 years. When he started going, he said one thing, ‘Good bye, enjoy your sun’, I was shocked as soon as I heard him. Thought that what is there to enjoy in it, ‘sun’, the sun comes out every day. Seeing my curiosity, he responded. He said that the sun where he lives in Canada does not look like it means bright and bright as India. It was his truth or idea, but for me it has a beautiful life message that we all have our own. It’s constantly lighting you up. Only with this light, your life can be illuminated.

Be Positive, Patient and Persistent

LifeHack : set good songs as custom ringtones for people you don’t like. This way, when they call you can enjoy the song while ignoring them.

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