Identify Your Passion

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong

As we complete our studies, we try to look forward for our dreams and fulfill them by giving our best to achieve that.

I talked to a college student, she’s a student in Delhi University. See what she questioned me, you all can see below :

 I am in the first year of B.Com
(Hons) from Delhi University .  I am not able to decide whether I should do any other course or prepare for SSC CGL.  Please solve my problem, so that with your guidance, I can proceed on the right path.

I have been saying earlier that you all have a solution to get out of the dilemma, just need to understand it.  Actually, this is the reason why the dilemma or decision regarding career arises because we take action by not listening to our voice of mind, ignoring our interests / choice and influenced by friends or someone else.  This mistake is realized after some time, when the course / field chosen is not yours.  At that time it seems that maybe you made a mistake.  However, when next, only then dawn.  Still not much.  If you want to move forward with enthusiasm in career and always be happy, then try to understand and understand it better by analyzing your interests / choices afresh.  Instead of hastily arriving at a conclusion, spend a little time to understand it.  Two to three weeks.  Keep in mind that the area of ​​your interest will be the best for which you will have passion.

See what my friend’s brother asked to me about his career

I am an eighth grade student.  I want to become an IAS officer.  Please tell me what should I do now and choose which faculty?

It is a good thing that you have chosen to become your target IAS officer.  Although there is still a long time to get there, yet to move in this direction, you should keep the doors of your brain open for enlightenment with wisdom.  Continuing to increase your knowledge about the country, world, history, culture, geography, science, economy, polity, etc. , while paying adequate attention to your regular studies.  For this, NCERT books and newspapers are more Deputy Commissioner.  It is better to choose the faculty related to the subjects in which there is a deep interest.

Those who try to fulfill their dreams, leads a beautiful life ahead

By LazyLedger

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