5 Types of People you should have in your life

As we go through in our life, we see many types of peoples. Some of them we outgrow, some outgrow us while we leave some because they have shown themselves to be wolves in sheep clothing. However, we need a few people in our corner who would make the journey less tedious. These people would be there even when it is not all that convenient for them, they would do contribute significantly to you being the best you can be. These types of people is must in everyone’s life for smooth running.

Here I would discuss five types of friends/people whatever you can say, who you should make main stays in your life as you grow up. You have to figure out properly which is best suited for you and who is going to be loyal or being with you for your entire life. Here are the qualities you can look out for :

  1. People who lift/keep pushing you to be more

This is the most important thing which is to be there in everyone’s life. These are the kind of people who will stand by your side. They are the one who believes in you when you doubt yourself. They are the one who continuously pushes you in achieving what you want to be and they motivate you when you would rather rest on your laurels and quit.

They let you mope a little when you are beaten and then get you fired up again, ready to keep going. You definitely should cherish your bond with such friends because they genuinely wish for your happiness and success. These people can be anyone your mom, dad , brother or your friend.

2. A mentor

At one point, we all are beginners. Things will bit easier when you have someone who will show you the direction or guide you in life. Without a mentor you can’t reach your destination so easily. As experience matters everywhere, so without this you can’t step a single properly. Someone mentoring you from time to time will help you a lot in your life.

Always stay in touch with your mentor mostly because she/he has been where you currently are and has stepped past in. They all have gone through this where you stand today. You would possibly save yourself from being in problem – that’s what mentors are for. They could be your parents, your teacher, or even a friend of yours (having some experience).

3. The loyal confidant

This is the one person who listens you without interrupting, without judging. When you feel pressured, this is the person with whom you wish to talk and you feel less pressured. This is friend for ages. She/He created a space where both of you can speak freely. She/He created a safe space. Keep such person and such a relationship. Be a good friend to such a person.

4. The Energizer

Know someone who can’t simply rest ? They are important too. I don’t mean that you should push yourself to do it all like he is doing, NO. The energizer is actually an important source of motivation.

Such people usually are organized and their energy and vibe are usually infectious. These kind of people are always good to have positivity around. Not only that but they also know how to encourage you when a wonderful possibility comes your way.

5. The Best Friend

The word best friend is not just a title it’s a feeling. Which makes you feel good when you are with them. This person does not necessarily have to be of the same gender as you. Yes, it is that crazy best friend who would rather be brutally honest without being judgemental.

For whatever reason, they know how to make you laugh, keep your secrets and most importantly they know the right way to motivate you.

Associate yourself with people of good qualities, for it is better to be alone than in bad company

After reading this article, don’t forget to hug your best buddies and let them know that, they mean world to you !

LifeHack : Smiling for 60 sec can instantly improve your mood. Try it ! 🀘

22 thoughts on “5 Types of People you should have in your life

  1. It’s a blessing to have someone who respects your space, understands your choices, is honest without being judgemental (when you know and understand the person you respect – you can’t get judgemental) and who inspires/motivates us to improve, to be better. It’s rare. These are the people we must choose. Totally agreed. Great post! ☺

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