Hello everyone,

  I know there is not such good title today but it is my first day to interact with you all.So am here to share my views with you.

As it is my first blog and my blog “LazyLedger” is all about making you better. In this blog am gonna tell you how you can makes you and your things better. Don’t think I am expert or some kind of genius but whatever I learned try to express with you all through this.

“So have you ever tried to make an egg fly?But it’s a great way to ruin a perfectly good eggs

       In the same way have you ever looked at yourself and wished you were different or better ?

Everyone knows about themselves, their like or dislike about them. And the same thing you see in someone is good at it and you wish to had isn’t ?

But the society or environment in which we are living the person himself/herself don’t know for what he/she were made to be or what you were made to do.

    All the time we spend a lot of time in thinking about becoming the best version of yourself.But according to me what I see is that whatever is your thought,word or action, either help you become a better version of yourself or a lesser version of yourself.

So, do thing which makes you feel better in your life,do what you like the most. No one becomes better in one chance, some people takes less time and some takes much time. To be a better version of yourself is by trying hard and hard on yourself only. All these fights is only with you, not with someone’s else. Don’t try to compare yourself with others, just try to make yourself good better and best..who you are today is perfectly suited for what he wants to do today. Don’t be like the egg that tried to fly.So, just try to be the best version of yourself in this moment, and let God’s timing take care of the rest.There is timing of everything to become the best version of yourself. Everything happens with the time.

Be like a postage stamp,stick to a thing till you get there

LifeHack : Listening to music while working out can boost your running and lifting ability by 15%

30 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I can find no indication what so ever that would signal an interest in photography, travels, tourism nor Norway in particular, so – why me?
    This looks like pure promotion on your part? And since I am not particularly interested in coaching, I have lifted you from my mailing list!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dakshali Gupta

    First of thank you, for liking me post !😊

    And you have started your first blog with such a great proverbs and life hacks included too !
    I loved that last ones, which tells that ” Be like the stamp, stick to the thing till you get there”.
    Happy blogging !😊


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